Using React and react-router v4 on the front-end supported on the back-end with a node.js application using Express and MongoDB with Mongoose.

Many web applications today wouldn’t be complete without authentication; allowing users have an identity on your website.

Authentication allows you to cater content specifically to your user and allow users to personalize their settings and experience on your application.

This guide will demonstrate an approach to implement authentication for a web application built using React and react-router on the frontend and node.js using Express and MongoDB with Mongoose on the backend.

I kept this approach relatively simple so…

Quick and simple static site hosting on Github Pages

Hi guys! In this tutorial, I’m going to give a quick overview of how to use Github Pages as free host for a static website.
Github Pages is a great and reliable service to help anyone with a Github account to have a presence on the web. It’s an easy way to get a personal website or portfolio up for others to see.
By the end of the tutorial, we will have a website running at https://{Your-Github-Username}
For example, my personal website can be found at


To complete this tutorial…

Faizan Virani

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